Our solutions make marketing simple and effortless. Each solution has been crafted with your needs in mind and utilizes innovative technology to take your marketing campaigns to new heights.


PROMPTTM is our automated solution to simplify property marketing for both agents and brokers. Whenever properties are posted or updated on the MLS, agents are emailed a link to pre-populated postcards, brochures and other printed products. By following the link in the email, you can begin creating your order immediately and have it sent within 24 hours.

Our Customer Service Representatives are all trained in the PROMPTTM program and can help expedite the process or answer any questions you may have. We know that time is money and, thanks to PROMPTTM, you can save both.

Mailing Lists

We offer free and intuitive list creation tools to ensure that you to get the most out of mailing lists with the least amount of effort.

Our tools, such as street and radius search, let you easily craft mailing lists based on a variety of factors without being restricted to certain carrier routes or zip codes. You even have the option to only mail contacts of your choice by manually uploading a mailing list. We also offer our National Change of Address Feature in conjunction with UPS to ensure that your pieces arrive to the correct people, even if they have moved without your knowledge.

Managing the mailing lists is simple thanks to our leading in-house technology team, who creates and supports our on-demand list management system to make accessing and updating your prospects and clients available 24-7. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and be confident that your direct mail is going where it needs to go.


Email marketing, in conjunction with direct mail, is one of the best ways to reach your clients and keep them updated on what you are doing. However, crafting each email campaign and making sure that it is both professional and integrated into the rest of your marketing efforts can be extremely time-consuming.

Luckily, we have developed the tools for easy, automated, and professional email marketing that supplements your direct mail and social media marketing efforts. Our eTools let you create custom HTML emails, send these emails to multiple contact lists, as well as track the responses with our statistics and analytics. Say goodbye to cumbersome lists and address books and say hello to easy email marketing.


We believe that clients are created through personal connection. That’s why we have developed our HomeVal product line with INSIGHT. Through its interactive and tracking elements, HomeVal can turn your marketing materials into true conversation starters.

By using HomeVal, you can mail postcards to your potential clients that direct them to personalized landing pages. These landing pages not only provide prospects with current value estimates on their homes, they also alert you to each visit to a landing page by a client. This data opens the door for you to reach out to interested prospects and provide the expert knowledge that only you have. Turning prospects into lifelong clients just got a lot easier.

Drip Campaigns

Keep clients for life! Our drip campaigns give you direct mail options that let you effortlessly create and manage your long-term marketing campaigns. A year’s worth of marketing can now be created and scheduled in just one session.

Simply choose from our personalized series of postcards, decide on the release dates and sit back as your campaign takes care of itself. Making changes later on is equally easy. Even after you have released your drip campaigns to us to maintain, you call still edit your mailing lists, payments, schedules, and messages for any future pieces set to mail out. Staying connected with clients has never been easier.